We are heartbroken to share that our co-founder, Kris, said goodbye to her most beloved Beagle, Bronco, on Monday, July 1, after a brief but intense battle with cancer.

Bronco was one of the Spanish 40 - so named because 40 dogs were rescued from animal testing in Spain. It was an extraordinary and truly herculean rescue.

As the subject of animal testing, Bronco was confined to a small, cold, steel cage for upwards of 23+ hours a day, only being removed from that solitary prison to be tortured by unnecessary experimentation. The white coats robbed Bronco of the first years of his life and it's very likely that what they did to him during that time created the cancer that would also rob him of the rest of his life.

Despite Bronco's horrific beginnings, he learned what it meant to be truly free, safe and happy, thanks to Kris, her husband Bert and Bronco's brothers and foster siblings. Kris honestly loves and cares for every one of her dogs and horses as if they are THE only one. There is a special kind of healing and joy that Kris and Bert have created on their ranch in California, and it can only be described as magic.

When Bronco was diagnosed just some five weeks ago, Kris did absolutely everything, to save Bronco, sparing no expense and ensuring that despite her desperate desire to keep him with her for as long as possible, he didn't suffer. Bronco lived a beautiful life and enjoyed every moment. Just look at him wadding in the lake the day before he passed.

In the end, Kris is the one who needed an organization like CARAAF to help pay for the enormous medical expenses incurred to help Bronco. But instead, much like his brother Cowboy, Bronco is further fueling Kris's passion to help others with rescue dogs in need. Instead of creating a fundraiser to help pay for Bronco's medical bills, though shattered by this loss, in Bronco's memory, she is raising funds for CARAAF so that she can help other families and their rescue dogs.

This is WHY there is CARAAF. 

This is WHY we are asking for your help.

In Bronco's honor, CARAAF will assist a minimum of two rescue families with dogs who need critical care, just like Bronco. We will not require a positive outcome. Only the confidence of knowing that with our assistance and your support, these dogs will be given more quality time to live the life of love and freedom they deserve.

Please consider advancing our mission work with a tax-deductible gift in whatever amount you can spare. 

Your messages for Kris and her family are also most appreciated. 

Bronco, may you rest in eternal peace and run forever free at the rainbow bridge. 

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This summer, with your Help, CARAAF will provide Hope and Healing for more rescue dogs like Bronco who are in desperate need of medical care.

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