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CARAAF is now accepting applications for veterinary care grants that average from $500 to $2000. 

Please review the criteria below, carefully, BEFORE downloading and completing the grant application. Families with seriously sick and injured rescue dogs in need veterinary care may download the grant application using the link at the bottom of the page. 

Applications must be typed, signed and submitted to care@caraaf.org, for consideration.

The application process will open and close frequently based on demand and funding. 

Please check back often for updates.



We Do


  • Serve the canine rescue community knowing that many of these beloved dogs come from backgrounds that often put them at greater risk for serious injury and illness. 

  • Support requests for medical/veterinarian assistance that average from $500 to $2000. (This is a lifetime maximum per household/family.)

  • Require a copy of an adoption certificate or official document confirming your dog was rescued and was not purchased through a breeder, pet store or any other non-rescue outlet or organization. 

  • Require access to your licensed veterinarian and an official estimate of medical services to be provided, to confirm all medical claims.

  • Require a signed release of liability prior to processing payments for approved applications.


We Do Not


  • Provide emergency funding. If your dog  requires immediate, emergency or lifesaving medical assistance for which you need financial assistance, please contact Scratch Pay or Care Credit

  • Require a positive prognosis. 

  • Offer assistance for routine or preventative diagnostics or medical care (such as vaccinations, annual checkups, dental procedures, etc.)

  • Offer assistance for common disorders such as Addison's, Cushing's, Diabetes, etc. However, CARAAF will review applications for advanced, non-routine treatment, surgery or hospitalization that may be required as a result of complications from one of these (or other) conditions.

  • Offer assistance for preliminary diagnostics. 

  • Have age minimums or limits for the dogs we serve.  

  • Reimburse individuals for payments made for veterinary services previously received. (CARAAF will only make direct payments to licensed veterinarians, in good standing.)

  • Offer grants to or fund other nonprofits.

  • Require beneficiary funds to be paid back. Payments made to veterinarians on behalf of applicants are not loans. We do hope that if a family is able to pay it forward in the future, they will consider making a donation to CARAAF to help support other families with beloved dogs who also have serious medical needs.


How to Receive Assistance

  • Review the criteria above to be sure you pre-qualify for assistance. Please note, meeting the basic application criteria does not assure your request will be approved or funded.

  • Complete our simple, online application by clicking the link below. Please note, this form is only enabled during open application periods.

  • Someone from our team will personally review your request and contact you within 72 hours with any questions. 

  • Applications are typically reviewed and processed within 5 – 7 business days (and sometimes sooner.)

  • We evaluate each application individually and thoroughly. Needs are prioritized and fulfilled based on availability of funds and other criteria that remains at the sole discretion of the CARAAF advisory committee.

  • CARAAF assumes no responsibility or liability for consulting, advising or providing funding, diagnostic or medical care to applicants and their dogs.

The Cowboy and Rousseau Animal Assistance Fund  Veterinary Care Grant Application

CARAAF Grant App Form 11-19 FIN (pdf)


HAVE QUESTIONS? A customer care representative will reply within 24 hours.